For professionals

Teachers, social workers, educators, psychologists, paediatricians, mentors, coaches, (group) leaders are some of the professionals who come into contact with children and teenagers on a daily basis. Besides the help that you as professionals give to children and youngsters, there is also Guana Chat. Children and young people can call here for various questions. This can be about bullying, falling in love, friendships, but also about stress at school or at home.

Guana Chat is a free and anonymous number for children and young people from 8 to 21 years old. The volunteers behind the phone are employed by Telefon pa Hubentud on Aruba and can therefore offer anonymity to all children and young people in the Caribbean Netherlands. If you, as a professional, notice that children would like to talk about a subject, but find it difficult to do so with someone they know, let them know that they can call Guana Chat every day between 2pm and 6pm via number 918!

That way we can all help support the children.

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