Are you being bullied at school? Or don’t you want to play outside because the others are laughing at you? Do you often feel left out from a group, or do they ignore you? 

Bullying can make you feel terrible: desperate and depressed.

There are many forms of bullying. Here are some:

  • Teasing or shouting at someone
  • Humiliating someone
  • Laugh at someone over and over again
  • Leave someone out
  • Discriminating someone

These are all forms of bullying. People also bully a lot online, for example in Whatsapp groups.

Unfortunately bullying is something that happens very often. You’re not the only one who’s being bullied! 

Don’t remain silent, but talk about it with someone you trust. A friend or a family member, for example. You can also call us. You can always tell us what’s happening!

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