Stress & anger

Stress does a lot to you and many other youngsters do feel stressed sometimes. Experiencing a little bit of stress now and then is nothing to worry about. Sometimes you can worry, this is a part of life, but when worrying becomes too much it is not good for your health.
A lot of stress can make you feel down or angry.

Arguing also is a part of life, but an argument can cause a lot of stress. Did you argue with your best friend, or are there many arguments at home? This can bother you and make you feel depressed.

You can always talk to us if you’re feeling stressed, or if you’ve had an argument! It’ll make you feel much better and it is important.

Many children call Guana Chat to talk about their stress about a nasty argument. You are not the only one. So please call us, we will listen to your story!

Stress and anger
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