Being in love

You’re in love!

That can be wonderful. And very exciting.
But what if you are in love with someone who doesn’t love you? Or with someone who doesn’t know that you love him or her? What if you are too shy to declare your love to someone? How do you make it clear that you love someone? 

Being in love is a wonderful feeling if the other is in love with you too. But it might happen that your love breaks up with you. Heartbreak is an awful feeling. 

  • Are you in love and don’t you have the courage to declare your love?
  • Are you heartbroken?
  • Are you in love, but don’t you want to have sex yet?
  • Do you want to have sex, but you don’t know how to say this?
  • Are you feeling confused because you don’t know wether you like boys or girls?
  • Are you a boy who loves boys or a girl who loves girls? And are you scared to tell someone?

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