A boy or a man who likes you and listens to you. Someone who gives you attention or even presents… Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

But sometimes a boy doesn’t act that way because he likes you. He wants you to fall in love with him. And he’ll make you totally dependant. Then he will force you to have sex with other men. Or smuggle drugs.

In that case you are the victim of a loverboy. A loverboy doesn’t love you! He’s a criminal looking for victims. He’ll try to get girls in his power. For example by making you drug addicted. He can also tell you that you have to pay off debts before he can let you go.

Are you the victim of a loverboy? Don’t feel ashamed: it’s not your fault! So please don’t wait and ask for help. Because a loverboy commits a serious crime. It’s called sexual abuse. 

You can call us anonymously! We’ll listen to you and we know where to find help. We are here for you!