Sexual violence

Sexual violence means that someone is forcing you to have sex or to talk about sex.
Sexual assault or rape are examples of sexual violence. But there are more forms.

Here are some examples of sexual violence:

  • Someone forces you to have sex
  • Someone touches you without your permission
  • Someone kisses you when you don’t want to
  • Someone forces you to touch him or her
  • Someone forces you to look at sexual videos when you don’t want to
  • Someone forces you to talk about sex
  • Someone talks with you about sexual activity or makes sexual gestures against your will
  • Someone pushes you to post or app a nude picture of yourself
  • Someone asks you to undress in front of a webcam

People can force you to have sex in many ways. They might hit you if you don’t cooperate. Or they threaten you.

You might not have the courage to tell anyone what is happening to you. For example because someone threatens you to post nude pics of you online.

Sexual abuse by a family member can go on for many years. You can be very scared or feel ashamed. Because of this you can decide not to tell anyone.

You have to know that it’s NOT your fault! And that you are not the only one. Unfortunately many children and teens go through sexual pressure and sexual violence.

Does it happen to you? Please tell it to someone you trust!

With us you can talk safely. The Guana Chat mentors are here for you.
Please don’t wait, but call with one of our mentors. You can tell us everything that has happened to you!