You might be a teenager and want to call us with questions about your body and about sex.
We’re happy you’ve found us! At Guana Chat you can talk to us about EVERYTHING.

When you have reached puberty, your body starts changing. Many teens welcome the transformation of their body. Some  teenagers are not comfortable with their body. Other youngsters even hate their body, or parts of it.

Are you feeling insecure about the changes to your face, breasts, legs or belly? Are you trying not to eat at all? Do you find it difficult to eat in a healthy way? Do you eat too much when you’re feeling sad?  If you are not mindful of taking care of your body, you might develop health problems.

It’s good to talk about how you feel! It’s the first step to feeling better.


There is so much to learn about sex.  I can imagine if you do not have the right information you can be nervous. This can make sex seem scary. Especially when you are having sex for the first time.
At the child helpline you can ask all the questions you have about sex.

  • At what age do other teens have sex?
  • What do you have to do and how do you act?
  • How do you use a condom?
  • How do you tell someone you don’t like what he or she does?
  • How can you explain what you like?

You can ask us whatever you like to know. About your body, about sex, about contraceptives…
We listen to you without judging!

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