On the internet you can find everything. This can be overwhelming. You can ask yourself if the information you’ve found is reliable? 

The internet is the gateway to many social media platforms that are very important for most youngsters. Through these media outlets young people interact socially and have fun making new friends online. But online friendships are very different from real life friendships. It can be dangerous to give your address to an online friend you’ve never met. 

Making use of social media is not always fun. Sometimes people can say very mean things to others or even to you.

Spending too much time on these media outlets can also be addictive. Many people scroll endlessly on Facebook or Instagram, some spend hours playing games.

Addicted means that you are online many hours a day. You feel miserable or depressed if you can’t be online. This can make you very lonely. It can also affect your school performance.

  • Do you want to talk with us about or how to you use the internet?
  • Do you want to talk about the things people say to you online?
  • Do others bully you in a Whatsapp group?
  • Are you not worried because you are online many hours a day?

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Internet safety
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