A big part of your youth you have to go to school. You don’t only learn a lot of things. At school you also make friends, you take part in sporting activities and plays and you might make homework together.

When you’re young, school plays an important role in your life. So it’s great if you like school. But unfortunately you can also have a hard time at school.

  • Don’t you like learning, or do you find it difficult?
  • Do you fail exams or tests often?
  • Don’t you have a quiet place to do your homework?
  • Do your parents expect a lot from you?
  • Would you like to go to another school? Or don’t you want to go to another school?
  • Are you being bullied or left out by your classmates?
  • Does a teacher treat you badly?

It’s important to talk about it. You are not alone: many children and teens are having difficult times at school at a certain point.
You can always call us: we are here to listen to you!