Pressure from friends

Almost everyone wants to belong somewhere. You want to be part of a group: a group of classmates or friends… That’s normal. But it can also make you feel insecure. You may think: ‘do I have the right clothes? Do I look ok?’

Sometimes a group can put pressure on you. To do things you don’t want to do.
Like using alcohol or drugs. You only use them because you want to be part of the group.

Do you find it difficult to say no? Or to set your limit? 

It might also happen that you don’t want to be part of a group anymore. That can be difficult, especially on a small island. Because you will run in to each other everywhere.

It’s good to talk about it! This will make you feel less insecure. It’s important for you to know that many children and teens suffer from peer pressure now and then. They sometimes cross their boundaries to be part of a group. 

You can always call us or chat with us about your feelings!

Peer pressure
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