Are your parents splitting up? Do they talk about a divorce? Or do you think they might get a divorce? Because they are arguing a lot or because they don’t talk with each other?

The moment your parents go through a divorce, you probably will have many questions.
Your life will change when your parents break up.

You might go to live with one of your parents. Or you might live alternatively with your mother and with your father. It can be a difficult time for you if your parents are splitting up?

Lots of children and teens have to cope with a divorce of their parents. It happens to three in ten 15-year olds. You’re not the only one!

You can feel very stressed or sad when your parents are no longer in a relationship. But you can also feel relieved when there are no more arguments at home.

It might just happen that you will have to decide which parent you are going to live.
What if you don’t want to live with your mother? Or your father?

And what is the best thing to do when your parents don’t want to talk to each other?

 Please don’t isolate yourself. Call us or chat with us to talk about your feelings! 

We are here to listen to your story and we know about the rights you have as a child.